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Mantle 2012

Sunday, February 26th, 2012


2012 for me is a year of new places with old things.

Mantle is kinda like that for me.

Mantle is a mens discipleship group in my church (Centrepoint Church) that meets every Tuesday night for 2 hours. Sitting under the teaching of our Senior Pastor, we 12 men are privileged to receive discipleship directly from him. The demands include our attendance at every session, daily bible reading, praying in tongues everyday, weekly memory verses and a daily journal (which is on this blog; that explains why the blog entries have all been journals).

What new places will this old faith take me to?

2012 will tell.

It seems that my dear wife is on the same journey with me. She has started a dance class and art (drawing) class, old art forms that she is familiar with, to take her to new places. So far, its taken up our Monday nights and Saturday mornings, but we’re enjoying it. I enjoy giving her the freedom she needs to explore her gifts and talents and she enjoys exploring them.